“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Lewis Carroll

I am often asked the same questions – so I thought I would try to answer some of them for you!

If there is anything else you would like to know – just ask!
Tell us a little more about yourself?
I am part of a husband and wife team – Dave is the one holding the Canon 5D mark II camera and I am the one with the paint brushes! Dave retired after serving over 31 years in the Police Service, and I gave up an illustrious and busy career in education. We are both inspired by the natural beauty and blue skies of the Algarve; where we are based.

How do you create your paintings?
I usually start with a view or object that has inspired me, and will use photographs as a reference point. I like to make sure that the objects are accurately portrayed and that my boats are seaworthy – so I always carefully draw out the detail in pencil before beginning to paint. I work quite methodically and carefully, and a painting can often take 4-5 days to complete. The design and colours come quite naturally to me and I can usually ‘see’ the completed painting in my mind as soon as I begin the drawing stage.

Why don’t you paint on canvas?
I dislike the ‘uniformity’ of canvas, and prefer to produce my own art boards from scratch. I can then ensure the prepared surface is exactly right for the painting I have planned – and I am in good company as the Old Masters painted on board too!

Do I need to frame your paintings?
No, they all come ready to hang. The boards are designed to ‘float’ on the wall, they have a concealed frame securely fixed to the reverse of the board with a simple hook ready to hang. The pictures are ideally suited to a modern style decor.

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What about postage and packing?
All of my paintings are lovingly wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and then covered in thick cardboard to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. My prices all include p+p to Europe and the UK – if you are outside of these areas please just e-mail me first and I will calculate any extra postage for you prior to purchase.

What if I don’t like it when it arrives?
If you are not 100% happy with your item then just return it to me within 14 days in the same condition and I will refund your purchase (minus my postage and Paypal fees) Check the Products page on the website for full details.

What do other people say about your work?
You can click here to read what my satisfied customers have said about my work. My Facebook page also has feedback and comments listed – click on the Home Page to find the link to my Facebook Page

Are all of your paintings originals?
Yes – they are all unique and original works, signed by the artist. They also come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. The copyright for each work remains with me as the artist. Limited edition signed prints of some of my favourite paintings are sometimes available at our solo exhibitions and through my studio.

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What is your studio like?
Very tidy! I like to organise my space so that I can find things. I work on one painting at a time, and use a stay-wet palette to counteract the hot weather temperatures. I like to have things that inspire me displayed around me, and I love to have music playing as I paint – often American country-rock music like Sugarland or Trisha Yearwood. I’m also going through a big Neil Diamond phase at the moment; and Radio 2, Katie Melua and Norah Jones are regulars in the studio.

Our little Spanish Water Dog is also a great little helper in my studio and can usually be found curled up fast asleep somewhere!

What paints do you use?
I only use professional quality heavy body Liquitex acrylic paints. I love their rich buttery texture and colour range; and use quite a limited traditional palette of colours, with a few surprises thrown in! I like to mix my own greens too.

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Can I commission a painting from you?
Yes of course you can! If you would like a Pet Portrait then just click here Pet Portraits to find out more information, or for House Portraits click here House Portraits to view examples of my work. Send me an e-mail with your photo(s) and I will let you know if I think it will work as a painting and give you a quote upfront. You don’t have to pay anything until you are happy with the completed painting.

The modern painting Lighthouse at Dusk was also a commissioned piece – the clients gave me a rough idea of what they wanted, and then I set to work. Please be aware though that you have to trust me as the artist too – I can work with your ideas but ultimately it will be my interpretation of a piece that you will see – but there is no obligation to purchase unless you like the finished work!

Can I use your images on my website?
I am very protective of my work of course - many hours of skill and dedication go into each piece, and I ask that you respect this. However I am also often very happy for my work to be shared and used - as long as I have given my permission and I am fully credited - but please contact me BEFORE you do this!

Please note: The copyright on all my paintings will always remain with me as the artist even after the work is sold.

Please respect my Copyright - please read my Copyright Notice

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